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25 Year Product Warranty

All solar panels used by Driven Solar come with a 25 Year output warranty 

26% Federal Tax Incentive

Now through 2020 get a 26% Federal Tax Incentive on both materials and installation of your solar or wind project.

Lower with Solar

After solar is installed, it not only lowers or eliminates your electric bill entirely, it also lowers CO2 emissions, lowers dependence on utility companies, and lowers the amount of taxes you pay every month on each kw-hr you use.

Grid Tie Applications

Each power company has a CAP on how much solar can be exported to their grid.  After the CAP is met, zero export systems must be implemented.  A Zero Export system still can save customers tons of money, but if you can get in while your local power company still accepts grid feed-in then you should definitely take advantage of that opportunity before its too late!

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